Walt Disney World® chose the top Orlando vacation rental home companies in Central Florida. They designed a program to give travelers an easy way to ensure their chosen company is safe, customer-focused, and held to Disney’s high-quality standards. The result of that collaboration was the Disney Vacation Rental Home Connection.

VillaDirect was chosen first by Disney. We were the first company to be recognized by Walt Disney World® under this program. Since 1998, total guest satisfaction has been the top goal for all staff across all departments in VillaDirect. Over 1 million guests have experienced that satisfaction as they stayed in our vacation rental homes over the years.

Disney Vacation Rental Connection

Because of this accreditation, you can always be sure that VillaDirect meets the rigid quality and cleanliness standards set by Walt Disney World® Resort. Even if you’re booking one of our least expensive homes, you can be sure that it’s been properly prepared

  • Disney randomly inspects each home that we offer to guests.
  • Disney closely monitors and scores our cleaning and housekeeping procedures.
  • VillaDirect is the only company to score a “perfect 10/10” for cleanliness of its vacation rentals.
  • Disney randomly and regularly inspects our welcome center for the quality of our guest service to customers staying in our homes.

We train our staff to meet and surpass rigorous standards. We are meticulous in all we do. We strive for perfection. We want you to have the very best vacation when you stay in our homes. When you see the Disney Vacation Rental Home Connection logo, you can be sure that you are staying with a trusted, reputable company. You chose Disney for all the magical reasons! Disney chose VillaDirect. You should choose VillaDirect for your Disney vacation. Book your next vacation home near Walt Disney World® with us right now!