ChampionsGate Family Cinema

The ChampionsGate Resort includes the fabulous Oasis Clubhouse cinema for guests to enjoy during their stay.  Each guest staying at one of our vacation rental homes has free access to all of the amenities and features included within the Oasis clubhouse. The Oasis clubhouse at ChampionsGate includes a this full-size family cinema, with theater seating for up to 28 guests.

If the weather outside gets a little to hot (or even wet!) – you and your family can enjoy one of a selection of family-friendly movies in the air-conditioned cinema.  This family movie theater offers a great way to spend a couple of hours out of the Florida sunshine – and it’s FREE to our guests staying at ChampionsGate Resort! The cinema includes surround sound Dolby digital theater sound and a wide-screen 120-inch screen for a terrific movie experience that everyone in the family can enjoy.  Every day there’s a movie to watch – so make sure to plan your afternoons to include time by the Oasis water park, followed by movie-time in the Oasis cinema during your stay.

The main reception area at the Oasis clubhouse can provide guests with information on what times and movies are showing each day in the cinema, so that you can plan your movie fun each day! Be sure to check out all of the other amenities and features that you and your family can enjoy while staying at the ChampionsGate Resort. Simply click on the “Resort” menu option above and choose from the drop-down menu that appears.  You’ll soon see why ChampionsGate and the Oasis clubhouse offers so much to do during your vacation to Orlando.  To find the perfect place to stay, just enter the dates you’re looking to visit in the menu at the top of the page and then click the “Find Home” button. The system will show you all the homes available for the dates of your stay.